Może powtórzymy angielski? -…

Może powtórzymy angielski?
– Weź się tato… ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

be the apple of somebody’s eye
– Być czyimś oczkiem w głowie.

If someone is the apple of your eye, you think he/she is very important to you, and you love him/her very much.
This idiom is used especially when someone is loved by an older member of his/her family.

– Erika is Mark’s only granddaughter, and she’s the apple of his eye.
– My parents’ favorite family member is our dog. She’s the apple of their eye because she gives them love and doesn’t ask for money.
– My mother never liked me very much but I wasthe apple of my grandmother’s eye.

pokaż spoiler Grafika wzięta z: Get the Picture. Ilustrowane idiomy angielskie – Jerzy Chyb, Michał Dąbrowski

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